When your friend or loved one lands in jail, you get a phone call letting you know they are in jail and need to post bail to leave. How do you bail them out? Here’s what you need to know.

Bail Basics

The court issues a bail amount in a bail hearing once a person has been booked after an arrest. The bail amount depends on the criminal history of the defendant and the crime. Bonds are available for both felonies and misdemeanors. Whether or not the court thinks the defendant is a flight risk can affect how much and if they are allowed out on bail. This amount must be paid either in cash to the court in the full amount. Or a percentage of the amount can be paid as a fee to a bondsman who then provides a bail bond. Once you have that, how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA simply means following the court instructions.

Court Expectations

Once bail is posted, the court expects the defendant to still appear in court at the appointed times. The posted bail comes with strings in order for the defendant to not end up serving the rest of the trial time in jail. Some defendant’s much undergo psychiatric treatment, meet regularly with a parole officer or complete drug and alcohol testing. Most bail comes with travel restrictions as the judge wants to ensure the defendant shows up for their legal and court meetings. There may also be some employment requirements attached to the bail.

Criminal Lawyer

If you have a criminal defense attorney, they can help you from the bail hearing through the end of your trial should your case end in trial. Should you be denied bail, your attorney can file an appeal. Having a well-prepared defense before the bail hearing can improve your chances of going out on bail. The attorney you hire should have the experience with the entire court process to adequately defend you throughout.

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