In the world of divorce proceedings, not all break-ups are created equal. Yes, emotions often run high, and it is certainly true that parents sometimes fight over custody of their children, but there are also final separations that occur with a whisper instead of a groan. If you are thinking of getting a divorce, or know someone that is, check out these five categories.


When two people agree on just about every aspect of letting go, division of property, and splitting-up marital goods, it is classified as uncontested. Finding an uncontested divorce tampa is easy because all divorce attorneys love to handle cases when spouses are not fighting.


The contested divorce is often filled with anger and frustration from one or both parties. Sometimes one spouse wants to be released from the relationship while the other is desperate to hold on and rekindle the partnership. When two minds are so different, there is often contention, and a judge must decide how the two parties will divide their possessions, assets, and liabilities.


A divorce based on the fault of one of the spouses is seldom used any longer. However, it was once the foundation of most actions. During a fault divorce, one party is accused of being a cheater, excessively cruel, or an abuser. That means one of the spouses declares himself or herself a victim of the other spouse.


The most commonly used form of divorce, the no-fault claims neither party is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, and both agree to walk away without pointless accusations. Although couples may still battle about property division and child support, the parties agrees there is no one to blame for the split.


When a couple can not agree on the finer points of property or financial separation, they sometimes turn to a mediator to decide for them. This type of divorce requires a great deal of compromise.

In divorce situations, one type does not work for all. So, if you are considering a divorce, find out which one is best suited for your situation.

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