If you or someone you love has been arrested on a misdemeanor or felony charge, then it may be a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney. While you do have the option to defend yourself, almost all lawyers will advise against this. Lawyers understand the complexities of trials and have more to offer than may initially be understood.

Evidentiary Analysis and Investigation

Many fairfax lawyers work out of respected law firms and have a team of individuals working on a case. Therefore, when you hire an attorney, you are likely hiring more than one person. These individuals may work collectively to analyze the evidence in your case, or the firm may have private investigators who will investigate different avenues and interview various witnesses to understand what happened during the alleged crime and eventual arrest.

Plea Bargaining

Many arrests lead to bartering between prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, and this back and forth is known as plea bargaining, which is when your lawyer attempts to get the best deal for you outside of a trial. Deals range from probation to reduced sentences for pleading out, which can mean pleading guilty or no contest.

Trial Work

One of the main reasons for hiring a criminal defense lawyer is for their experience and expertise in the courtroom. While it may seem straightforward, trial work is nuanced and complex. There are certain rules for decorum in a courtroom. Also, for criminal trials, a jury must be selected, and an attorney is likely skilled at finding the people who will serve you well during a trial.

A criminal defense attorney is an excellent resource both before and during a trial. For those who have been charged an attorney will attempt to get you the best deal possible before a trial, and if a trial occurs, then they will fight for you during the court proceedings.

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